Makeup, Milestones, Microblading, and Me!

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I’m Heidi, and here it is guys, my very first blog!

You may be asking yourself, why another blog, why another person doing another blog about the same stuff that I’ve heard a million times? But guess what? You have never heard from ME! And you don’t know what I have to say or what I have in my pro makeup kit to offer youI’m going to introduce myself and then we will move on from there- sound good? Envision this like a talk show, only I don’t have a microphone in your face or any back up dancers, but you can ask me your questions and I will get back to you. Remember what we all heard in school, no question is a dumb question and I’m sure more than one person wants to know exactly what you are asking. So, ask away! From “I need help with my make-up,” best skin care routine, best makeup brands and makeup application techniques… you name it and I will help!

I‘ve always been passionate about makeup and at the ripe age of 14, I was entrusted by my aunt and her wedding party to perform my makeup artistry for this monumental milestone occasion. This marked the beginning of a beautiful and wild journey that took me to today.

I have my cosmetology and esthetics licenses but I also went back to school to get my bachelor’s in nursing. I have always wanted to help people and all my careers have allowed me to achieve those goals.  It has taken me a few years and a few career choices but I am finally at a point where I can work for myself and create the beauty for people that I desperately desire. There’s even been a few points in my life, I’ve wanted to go to mortuary school. I’ve wanted to do make up for the deceased. Sound morbid to you? Well, I’ve seen too many people that did not look like themselves after they passed and this really affected their loved ones. I wanted to ease their pain. And here I am, again… standing at the crossroads of “caring for others” and my love for makeup. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I recently attended an amazing training in Las Vegas for 3 different techniques in microblading. What is microblading you ask? Microblading is a semi-permanent pigment added to your eyebrows. So whether you don’t have any brows, your eyebrows are sparse, you want more, or you have over tweezed, I can find the right solution for you. Microblading doesn’t last forever like a tattoo but if you follow the recommendations, it can last up to 18 months with gorgeous effects.

Fast forward to today! I am opening a makeup design suite at Cedar Rapids Expressions Salon and Suites where I will be performing microblading, blade & shade, and ombre eyebrows. I’ll also be doing lash lifting and tinting, make up consultations and make- up applications. I will be adding many more exciting services in the future but that is my menu for now. 

I love to create new looks but also love the classics. There’s something so satisfying about a beautiful pin up model that can turn a head or a Betty Davis eye that will make a heart stop. I’ve done countless weddings, proms, homecomings, birthday parties, dance teams, models (published in magazines) and “just for fun” makeup applications. With all the new makeup colors and palettes coming out every day, the sky is the limit! I hope you enjoyed learning about my journey… now I’d love to hear about yours, and find out how I can make it sparkle even more!
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About Heidi Lynn 
Heidi Lynn has been practicing over 20 years as a licensed aesthetician, cosmetologist, and registered nurse. Makeup consultation, makeup application, and specialty cosmetic services are available for any occasion.

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