Is Microblading Right for You?

Now that we know microblading has hit the mainstream, why would you consider getting this semi-permanent facial tattoo? (If you want an idea of the actual procedure, see the video by Brow House Beauty below:

Okay! You have a better idea of the procedure, That wasn’t so bad, was it? One of the big questions I get is,

“Will it hurt?”

I promise, the pain is minimal and the results add to your sparkle!

“It sounds good, but is it really something I want to do?”

Truth be told, only you can answer that! However, microblading might be right for you if:

  • you want the look of fuller, shapely, symmetrical eyebrows ( without having to pencil them in every morning!)

  • your eyebrows are light in color.

  • your eyebrows are non-existent.

  • you want a more permanent look.

“That’s exactly what I want, Heidi! How can I make sure I will love my eyebrows?”

Make sure that your microblading is done by a licensed aesthetician/tattoo artist that has been specifically trained in this procedure.

If you get your microblading done with me, you will come to my amazing studio. (If you get them done in January of 2019, you will be rewarded with a discount.)

They will know to apply a topical anesthetic to minimize the pain (as seen in the video). The artist will then use a small tool with multiple needles to draw hair like strokes in the eyebrow region. This will create a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo that will last up to 18 months (with a touch up 6 weeks after the initial procedure. Color matching is a necessity. They will know that color fades after the initial application, hence, the 6-week touch up.

Here’s what you can expect during your microblading treatment with me:

Microblading takes 1–2 hours (depending on your eyebrows and what there already is to work with).

  1. I will measure your face, eyes, and brows to create the specific look you want and make sure it is ideal.  No one’s brows are symmetrical, they are “sisters” not “twins” so I will make them look as close to perfect as possible.

  2. Using a blade with tiny needles that scratch the skin’s surface, I will start microblading by drawing your brows’ new shape with light, hair-like strokes.

  3. Four to six weeks later, you will need to come back in for a touch-up. I will fill in any gaps where the pigment didn’t take, refine your shape, and make any other adjustments you need. Most people continue to have touch-ups every 18 months to maintain results.

I hope after today, you feel confident about your decision to get microblading done to your eyebrows! Like I said, I am running a special during this month because it All About Eyebrows in January! Schedule your appointment, today, and get $50 off of any eyebrow service! I look forward to making you sparkle!


Heidi Dean