How to Make Your Mascara Look Awesome

Welcome back to Lash Month!

This week, I am going to give you quick tips on choosing the best mascara for you! Again, I do not get paid based on the products I suggest. I have nothing against it. These are just suggestions I have found useful and products I love to use!

Moving on to Mascara…

With the hundreds of mascaras out there, choosing one for you can be frustrating, almost like recreating the wheel. When you think about getting mascara:

Buy your mascara based on the look you are trying to create! Each mascara is different and so are the wands that come in the tube. Each create a different look, for example:

I like my lashes thick and bold.


I always start with a primer. My favorite is Christian Dior Dior Show. It comes out white, but don’t let that fool you, it will disappear. I let that dry about 10-20 seconds and then I apply either The Shock by Yves Saint Laurent or Grandiose by Lancome. Like I said, I like my eyelashes thick. Then to finish off my look, I will apply Hourglass Caution mascara on top. This is extreme, but it is the look that I personally like.


If you are wanting only a touch of color, I would choose a mascara that has a plastic wand, one that is thinner and that the bristles are either plastic or more sparse. You can even use a mascara like this if you have short eyelashes on the bottom or anywhere that you can’t reach with a fatter wand.

The larger the wand, the more product that will be applied to your lashes. The plastic tighter bristles on the other hand will allow you to apply more times without any clumping.

If you want big and fat lashes, use a big and fat wand. If that’s not your style, use a small, skinnier wand.

Again, the only time to use a waterproof mascara is on your wedding day. Stay away from this formula if possible, it can really dry out your eyelashes.

bride throwing bouquet.jpg

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Heidi Dean